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CIP研究所匯聚了12個國家的70個成員,其使命是將來自不同學科的科學家和從業者集中在一個啟發和創新的平臺上,使他們能夠交流和發展危機領域複雜和互動過程(CIP)的相關知識 。

CIP Institute International Expert Event

International Expert Event
Crisis: a wicked problem?
Are crisis situations really that wicked, and if so, how do we manage them?
7 & 8 June 2019 in Lyon

5th International CIP Conference
Better face it – All management is crisis management
Resilient organisations cope with the future’s challenges
8 June 2018 in Madrid More information Register now
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Recorded sessions available • What can a fire department learn from ants?
Two keynote speakers: Brussels Attacks & cyber threats
• National centralized patient admission during crisis or disaster
• A future dashboard of the community
• The next step in professional crisis communications
• Complicated or complex, both sides of the same medal Contact us for your own webinar proposal

Our past conferences:

4rd International CIP Conference
Insights on dealing with complexity
15-16 June 2017 in Lisbon
Keynote video recordings available

3rd International CIP Conference
Building resilience in turbulent times

30 June & 1 July 2016 in Antwerp
Keynote video recordings available
Chinese conference brochure (PDF)

2nd International CIP Conference
How to deal with crises?

2-3 July 2015 in Amsterdam
Keynote video recordings available

1st International CIP Conference
Defining the CIP framework

27-29 June 2014 in Brussels
Keynote video recordings available

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