Please read carefully our detailed information about the fees to define which fee is applicable for your situation. Contact us if in doubt about your status.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations must be done in writing. For any cancellation received up to 21 May 2017, a refund of the full amount minus a handling fee of €75 will be paid. After 21 May 2017, no refund will be paid.


Your fee is an individual, personal membership contribution and not subject to VAT. For your payment transaction, we provide you with a payment notice on your request.

How to register for the 2017 conference?
  1. Pay the applicable fee
  2. Submit your conference registration form
  3. We confirm your registration within a couple of work days
  4. We keep you informed with practical conference information
  5. Submit your member profile if you are a new member

How to pay?

We provide two payment possiblities:

  • A safe, quick and convenient online payment with a 5% transaction fee added. Proceed to the online payment page
  • A wire transfer, with no transaction fee added. See below for instructions.

Wire transfer payment details

A slower payment method, but no transaction fee is applied.
For a quicker confirmation, e-mail us your payment screenshot.

IBAN: BE87 0688 9978 8494
Message: Registration + your name

In case you need the address of CIP Institute:
K. M. Hendrikaplein 57
9000 Gent

In case you need the name and address of the bank where the account is held:
Belfius Regio Zuid-Gent / Business Center
Koning Albertlaan 142
9000 Gent
Phone +32 (0)9 244 04 44

For more information, please contact us by e-mail: