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This page contains payment buttons which take you to our online payment provider for a safe, quick and very convenient online payment.

Note: This payment page is exclusively for your Visa/MasterCard/PayPal payment which comes with a 5% transaction fee. If you which to use the wire transfer payment method, see the wire transfer payment instructions on the registration page.

Instructions: After clicking one of the payment links you can proceed to the "Check out as a guest" or "Use a credit card" button for a default credit card payment. A PayPal account is not needed for your online payment.

  • Conference admission including CIP membership (I'm a Business Continuity Institute member)
    €430 rate + 5% transaction fee
    Pay €451,50 online
  • Conference admission as an eligible student:
    €200 rate + 5% transaction fee
    Pay €210 online

Contact us if you already registered/renewed your CIP membership and paid the Supporting Member contribution in 2018.

If needed, read carefully our detailed information about the fees to define which fee is applicable. Contact us if in doubt about your status.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail: