Propose a new initative


CIP Institute is about interacting. Our active community is about exchanging and developing knowledge. To disseminate, co-create and foster sharing are our main objectives. Therefore, please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve.

If you want to see a specific topic covered in our activities, propose a webinar, be part of any of our projects or suggest something, don’t hesitate to let us know. We do our best to follow up all inquiries.

General inquiry

For questions, feedback and suggestions, please e-mail us. Be as detailed and thorough as you can. All questions will be answered by our Host Team.

Send your e-mail to

New initiative

If you want to propose a new initiative to be set up within in our community, please let us know. We are curious to hear from you why you want us to launch the initiative and how it will contribute to CIP Institute’s mission. We appreciate all your ideas, so please e-mail us any idea for a new initiative you might have as a member, non member or as an interested party. All initiative suggestions will be answered by our Host Team.

Please apply the following structure to your brief proposal:

  • Title
    Please summarize your initiative in a few words.
  • Description
    Formulate the initiative idea in a concise way to facilitate the response from the Host Team.
  • Expectations from CIP
    Indicate how CIP Institute can contribute to the initiative. The more explicit, the better to understand what do you expect from us.

Send your e-mail to